Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

Employment of the hearing impaired

Employment of persons with hearing impairment in visual and graphical creation and production.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Employment of the hearing impaired
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Sabooj was established in 2009 and had a turnover of €451,053 in 2011. Five disabled people are employed with open-ended contracts. One has been contracted last September for three years as an alternating student with a view to obtaining his graphic designer’s diploma.


Sabooj is a French communications agency. Although it is an Entreprise Adaptée (EA) or “adapted company” (a company with special facilities for providing employment for the disabled, but not to be confused with an “ESAT”*), it has 70 clients of whom 75% are big companies. It is the only one of 500 such companies (EA) that develops intellectual services, and the first “adapted” communications agency in Paris. More than 80% of its workers have disabilities, i.e. hearing impairment.

Sabooj gives value to the competences of disabled people and in doing so tackles a huge preconception regarding their abilities. All its employees are deaf and in the communications field, where there is competition and no place for mistakes, they show their creativity, reactivity and capability to answer the expectations of hard-to-please clients who are, subsequently, both pleased and loyal.

The employees are happy and very motivated; their pay is based on market rates.

The agency has set up partnerships with graphical arts schools and other communications agencies. The main goal is to build a career path from education and training through to recruitment for disabled people who want to work in this field, offering internships or sandwich courses.

* ESAT = Établissements et services d’aide par le travail. An ESAT is a medico-social association. An EA is a company established in common law as a limited company.




Marie-Hélène Delaux
Directrice Générale
133, rue du Théâtre, 75015 Paris, France
Phone: +33 6 42 59 91 86

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