Innovative Practice 2021 on Inclusive Employment and ICT

National and cross-sector coordination to promote inclusive employment

Fundación Corona is a Bogota-based NGO supporting marginalized people in Colombia. It is the lead partner in an alliance of civil society and public-sector partners called the Productivity Pact Programme, starting in 2009. This cross-sector programme has developed a model of inclusive employment that promotes local coordination between key organizations and provides tools, training, and assistance to support implementation. From 2009 to 2020, 700 people found work through the programme.

“Pacto has accompanied us in defining an institutional policy for people with disabilities.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Programa Pacto de Productividad
Organisation:Programa Pacto de Productividad – Productivity Pact Program
of Implementation
Colombia and Chile
Start Year2009
Sub-CategoryA project of Civil Society


  • 220 companies have been directly supported by the programme
  • 307 other agencies, such as training bodies and intermediary organizations, have been trained


A lack of coordination between key agencies has resulted in a fragmented approach to inclusive employment in Colombia.


The Productivity Pact Programme brings together partners, NGOs, the Ministry of Labour, and the National Training Service (SENA). Its aims to build the capacity of key entities in the employment system, focused on employers but also including DPOs, training bodies, trade unions, and employment agencies. Its model of inclusive employment identifies routes to employment, the different agencies involved, and the legislative framework, and it produces tools and guidelines to support various entities to adopt good practices.

The programme also analyses labour inclusion in the municipalities where it is active. Based on the results, it supports local employers, vocational training institutions, and other intermediary organizations to embed inclusion in their employment processes; and it promotes the benefits for employers, including financial rebates and preference in public tenders.

The project has developed an e-learning portal to deliver its training and resources virtually. Its model has also been adopted by SENA and the Public Employment Service.

A young woman with dark hair and glasses stands in a supermarket in front of refrigerated shelves of fruit. She is wearing a yellow shirt and holding a bag of red grapes. She is smiling at the camera.

A young woman works as a packaging assistant in Exito Laureles supermarket, in Medellín.


Fundación Corona and Fundación Saldarriaga Concha contribute a combined US$69,000 annually, with in-kind contributions from other partners. Additional funding is generated through charging private-sector companies for disability inclusion consultancy. The target for 2020 was US$94,000.

Starting in four cities in 2009, the project has scaled nationally and is currently being replicated in Santiago de Chile, led by Fundación Descúbreme.
In Colombia, Fundación Corona`s aim is that the programme’s guidelines will be formalized into a national technical standard for disability inclusion in the workplace.


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