Innovative Practice 2020 on Inclusive Education and ICT

Social inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities through community centres

Amitim is a joint project of Israel’s Ministry of Health and the Israeli Association of Community Centres – local meeting places that are open to everyone. Amitim has its own coordinators within the centres to provide people with psychosocial disabilities with social and educational support and to help them engage in joint activities. This innovative model aims to achieve the promotion of personal recovery via meaningful leisure and educational activities as well as the promotion of social change in the community.

“The Amitim course was part of my recovery process from a mental crisis.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Amitim Programme
Organisation:Association of Community Centres (Amitim) in partnership with the Ministry of Health
of Implementation
Start Year2001


  • Some 4,000+ participants have been served between 2016 and 2019.
  • The centres employ 100+ mental health professionals.
  • Currently, there are 80 community centres, with more planned.


Persons with psychosocial disabilities often face stigma and exclusion from social and educational activities because there is little awareness about mental health among support services and the general public.


Through the Amitim program in community centres adults with psychosocial disabilities can participate in meaningful recreational and educational activities alongside other community members without disabilities based on shared interests. Through activities as diverse as art, sports, cooking, and history, participants can develop social skills, form interpersonal relationships, improve their ability to live independently, and overcome loneliness.

More than 100 mental impairment professionals work at the community centres to support participants in managing their individual well-being. One of the keys to success is that people with psychosocial disabilities are part of Amitim at all levels – as directors, as mental health professionals, and as partners in designing activities.

The Amitim coordinator that works in the community centres also promote discussions about mental impairments and raise awareness of psychosocial disabilities in the community through cultural and artistic events open to the general public, which are organized by Amitim coordinators, program participants, and also by Amitim’ s various integrated groups.

As of October 2019, there were over 80 community centres nationwide serving more than 3,100 adults with a psychosocial disability.

A theatre group of 6 people stands under a rainbow colored umbrella.

Theatre performances are an important part of the community centre’s activities.


The Amitim program is jointly financed by Israel’s Ministry of Health and the Israeli Association of Community Centres, with an annual budget of $4.2 million.

The Amitim programs in the community centres have been replicated in major and peripheral cities to cater to both Hebrew and Arabic-speaking communities, and the model is believed to be easily replicable in other countries.

In 2020 another ten Amitim community centres will open in Israel. The project also aims to provide more services geared towards specific communities (such as Bedouins and ultra-orthodox Jews) and to reach at least 4,000 people through 100 centres, which will provide additional opportunities for participants to take part in leisure activities, informal education, and volunteering.



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