Innovative Practice 2019 on Independent Living and Political Participation

Strengthening the independent living movement through guidance, training, and free legal advice

Programa de Rehabilitación de Parálisis Cerebral (Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Programme, PREPACE) is a Honduran NGO that provides care and rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. PREPACE has led the establishment of the Protection for Persons with Disabilities and Their Family (PROPEDIF) programme to provide guidance, training, and free legal assistance so people with disabilities and their families can make their own decisions and access justice. By the end of 2018, 192 people with disabilities will have received rights training, attended camps on independent living, and have received legal guidance.

“PROPEDIF promotes the rights, orientation, self-determination, and legal assistance of people with disabilities, as well as the Honduran Independent Living Movement.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Protection for Persons with Disabilities and Their Family
Organisation:Programa de Rehabilitación de Parálisis Cerebral
of Implementation


  • An average of five people visits the PROPEDIF office per day to gain advice and support.
  • To date, 50 family members, supporters, and professionals have been trained.


Even though Honduras has policies and law protecting the rights of persons with disabilities, many people find themselves unable to claim their rights and live independently without advice, support, and training.


 An important meeting in the office

The PROPEDIF programme is directed by four women with disabilities and is made up of three services: Promotion of Rights, Orientation and Judicial Assistance, and the Honduran Independent Living Movement (MOVIH). PROPEDIF provides guidance and free legal support to persons with disabilities in cases of discrimination, abuse or mistreatment. It also promotes personal assistance with the Government with the aim of recognising it as a right in legislation, and runs camps and retreats for families to learn the importance of personal choice and independence for their children with disabilities.

By the end of 2018, 50 people (volunteers, students, authorities and professionals) have been trained to support people with disabilities via forums, discussion groups, retreats and lifestyle courses. In addition, 192 people with disabilities have received training on their rights and have attended camps on independent living and personal and legal guidance. PROPEDIF has also worked with the Honduran Government to shape and implement the national Safeguarding and Protection Policy and influenced reform to the Law of Equality and Integral Development for Persons with Disability.


Funding is provided largely by the Ministry of Education, with additional support having been received from the European Union and Cuso International. The MOVIH office is funded by the Agency of International Japanese Cooperation. In 2017–2018 the project cost around $11,500.

PROPEDIF has arranged to train two disabled persons organizations (DPO) on its model: Instituto Psicopedagógico Juana Leclerc, active in nine municipalities; and the Centro Intercomunitario de Solidaridad, active in five municipalities. Additionally, the US Agency for International Development has shown interest in funding a project to support those who wish to make complaints of disability discrimination to public bodies. PROPEDIF is exploring further partnerships with other national and international DPOs to expand education on rights and independence.

Staff discussing important issues in the office


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