Innovative Practice 2018 on Accessibility

Online accessibility self-check tool for companies

ÖZIV is an Austrian NGO that advocates independent and inclusive living for people with disabilities. Together with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, ÖZIV has developed an online evaluation tool called Barrier-Check, which educates and trains companies about barrier-free requirements. Since its start in 2015, more than 11,000 users have hit the webpages over 90,000 times.

„With barrier-check companies get precise help and orientation around the topic of barrier free access as well as an informative self-check of their facilities.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Online accessibility self-check tool for companies
of Implementation


Since 2015:

  • More than 2,000 companies have used Barrier-Check.
  • There are more than 11,000 registered users.
  • The site has received over 90,000 hits.


For many companies the legislation regarding obligatory barrier-free access is new and unfamiliar, and sometimes is even met with resistance.


Barrier-Check provides complete online information about barrier-free access ( The site allows users to get a traceable and clear analysis of their own situation regarding accessibility, leading to a self-critical look at all relevant parts of a company.
The result is a well-structured description on what to do and how to proceed. Furthermore, companies are encouraged to present their results on their own website. The innovative element of Barrier-Check is the detailed analysis of the chain of services in a company or organization. This chain consists of different modules, which can easily be chosen, integrated, and removed via a drag and drop feature. Further, the practice is very flexible such that it can be adapted for all sorts of companies, their respective field of business, and various departments.
Barrier-Check started in April 2015 and had 15,000 hits in the first nine months. To date, approximately 2,000 users – primarily in the hospitality sector (hotels and restaurants) – have used the cite and have taken the necessary corrective actions.


Barrier-Check is an online tool for use in Austria. Its low-threshold service raises awareness and assists with knowledge transfer. Required actions are clearly described, which helps reduce prejudices towards the subject of accessibility. The tool can be adapted to any individual company and their chain of services. Moreover, there is the possibility to add further modules to the chain of services. ÖZIV believes that Barrier-Check can be replicated internationally by taking the respective local rules and requirements into consideration.
ÖZIV does not make any profit from Barrier-Check and considers it as an information and awareness tool. The initial total cost of 13.000 Euro was covered by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and the actual running costs are marginal.

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