Other shortlisted practices 2014

Payment made accessible for all

A beep code installed at Points Of Sale (POS) and ATM´s should indicate the correct reading of the cash card, PIN code request and error occurrence. This system supports to increase autonomy and security for blind people in card payments.

“Redsys intends to contribute to the autonomy and quality of life …, making payment processes more usable and secure for everyone.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Plan de Pago Accesible (Payment 4 ALL)
Organisation:Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted blind or visually impaired persons
Approach/ model/ solution:Sound code for payment transaction steps


  • 70.000 people registered as ONCE users (main national association for blind and impaired vision users)
  • A simple sound code lets users know the moment of the payment process at POS
  • 75.000 POS with a new system deployed
  • Aim for more than 300.000 POS across Spain within the next two years


When buying tickets and travel passes or in shops the payment is rather complicated. When paying, persons with visual impairments hve no way of knowing if the card fails to communicate an error, if it asks for a pin or whether the pin is incorrect.


Redsys aims to build a more accessible world through Payment Systems. By means of a beep-system, the payment device informs the user of those transaction steps that require his/her attention. Such as:

  • The card has been successfully read.
  • The Personal Identification Number (PIN) must be entered.
  • The transaction has been successfully processed.
  • The transaction has not been completed due to an error.


New products and services are planned to be progressively more accessible from the design stages.  That means that new products/services should gain accessibility. For example, two apps are going to be improved to make them more accessible: Crisol, a smartphone app for cardholders that lets them receive push notifications of their card payments, and finding ATMs. As well as TPV Movil/ Mobile POS – an app for merchants that allows them to get paid by using their smartphone. 


Mrs. Begoña PINO,
Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento,
C/Francisco Sancha 12, 28034 Madrid
+34-91 346 51 18

Nominated by Redsys S.L.