Other shortlisted practices 2014

Online tool to find the most appropriate assistive device

This program helps to define and categorize the assistance needed and the barriers faced in order to find the suitable assisting technology to make using a computer possible.

“ESAT is a useful tool to provide care-givers to get efficient recommendations about assistive technologies for any individual user.”

Johann Tausch, Professor at „Schule für Sozialbetreuungsberufe“, Gallneukirchen
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:ESAT
Organisation:FAB – Virtual Office
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:A standardized and fast method to find the best way for young persons with disabilities to use a computer


  • projects runs since 2011
  • One of the best dissertations at the eHealth 2012 in Vienna
  • This is the first and until now the only project of this kind


Aim of the ESAT-Project is to support the mainly unstructured and sometimes several months’ long process of selection and adaptation to get an adequate choice of assistive technologies for people with disabilities.


The different disabilities (visual, auditory, physical,…) are being analyzed in a standardized way. These gathered facts serve to find the perfect suitable technological implement from a data bank. These programs should make it possible to use computers.

This standardized adjustment process saves a lot of time.


At the moment this project runs in connection with the Virtual Office of the Austrian organization FAB, but in succession there will be an expansion to all institutions, working with computer use for youths with disabilities. Furthermore it may be expanded from using computers to other implements like for example finding out which is the right wheelchair.

A document of ESAT describing a device called head/chin button (“Kopf- und Kinntaster”). The formal knowledge is shown.

© Siegfried Kreutzer


Mr. Siegfried Kreutzer
Virtual Office; FAB Pro.Work
Industriezeile 47a; 4020 Linz

nominated by: Harald Bjelik, FAB – Verein zur Förderung von Arbeit und Beschäftigung