Other shortlisted practices 2014

Online tool indicating accessibility of public buildings

Handistrict.com is a website and mobile phone APP, that shows people accessible public buildings and their kind and level of accessibility. It is easy to operate and adjustable for everyone’s preferences.

“Handistrict.com is a wonderful tool to reveal the accessibility of a territory.”

Mickael Carré – CEO Medialis
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  • Handistrict.com
  • Handistrict
  • France
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Online tool, that shows accessible hotels, museums and restaurants for persons with disabilities


    • The project runs since 2012
    • signed a convention with the region “I’lle de France”
    • was awarded a price in the category “Universal Accessibility”
    • free of charge
    • adjustable to all different kinds of needs


More and more public buildings become accessible for persons with disabilities, but how should these people know, which buildings are already reachable for them. Paper maps and information sheets lose their topicality very fast. So the solution would be an easy changeable online tool.


This online tool knows all kinds of accessible entertainment facilities (hotels, restaurants, museums) for all persons with disabilities (physical, visual, hearing, cognitive). It also shows the way of service, for example a boarding aid for the bath in a hotel or an audible menu in restaurants for blind people, describes accessible busses, can adjust a SMS-service of a taxi timetable or of museums, it is able to scan QR-Codes and has a speaking voice for visual impaired people.


One great effect of handistrict is that all owners and proprietors of public places and buildings can put their information into the website and the users are able to evaluate this accessibility. In this way the website grows bigger and full of facts.

Online tool indicating accessibility of public buildings

Handistrict.com – the Website and the Mobile Phone APP


Mr. François-Xavier BOIS
15 rue cels – 75014 PARIS
+33 1 55 98 73 43

nominated by: François-Xavier BOIS, Kernix