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National Register of Access Consultants

The NRAC is the leading UK wide accreditation scheme for access professionals working in the built environment.

NRAC members are individuals who have representation on many working groups at the forefront of inclusive design in the UK and Europe.

Alexandra SMEDLEY
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:NRAC
of origin
United Kingdom
Beneficiaries targeted Professionals of built environment
Approach/ model/ solution:A register of accredited access consultants


  • was founded in 1999
  • first independent register of accredited access consultants in the world.
  • has formed the template for similar accreditation schemes in Australia, Sweden and Eastern Europe.


Professionals of built environment often lack the knowledge of building with accessibility in mind. For that case they need counseling of an access consultant. And the NRAC provides a list of all registered ones.


The NRAC is an independent register of accredited Access Auditors and Access Consultants who meet professional standards and criteria established by a peer review system. It is a UK-wide accreditation service for individuals who undertakes access auditing and access consultancy. The online database of members facilitates the selection of reputable, accredited access auditors and access consultants.


The NRAC was set up in order to maintain a high level of competency and professional standards in the emerging field of inclusive design following The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in 1995 in the UK as there were no recognized standards. Initially funded by government departments the scheme is now in the process of gaining UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) accreditation and has over 250 members nationwide. The objectives of the NRAC were and still are being a source of reputable access consultants, maintaining standards of advice, providing services/network for access professionals and improve client awareness.