Other shortlisted practices 2014

Modula Village for all

Nature Domus System srl constructs buildings while protecting the environment and the needs of the customer. Supporting structure, perimeter walls, floors and divisions are made of laminated wood, which are certified and deforestation resulting from controlled plantations. It is a low environmental impact structure, made with natural materials such as laminated wood.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Modula Village for all
Organisation:Domus Natura Systems
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted companies which want to build sustainably
Approach/ model/ solution:environmentally friendly buildings and designs in tourism


  • all materials have the CE  labels
  • insulation with a thickness of 100 mm
  • Derived from recycled materials


In the tourism industry everything has to be fast and cheap, because of that a lot of companies build not environmentally friendly as they think it is too expensive for them. Another fact is that there were no companies offering ecological buildings for an acceptable price in Italy.


The firm Domus Natura designed and implemented a bioclimatic and accessible mobile living module for touristic resorts. The aim of this project is not only in providing a module for the accessible tourism but also proposing a wider project intended to make accessible the whole touristic environment where the module will be placed. The houses match the essential characteristics of accessibility and aesthetic with the furniture and interior accessories, and it is adapted to all users without aesthetic discriminations.


The Modular Village, because of its flexibility, lends itself to be used in the construction of reception, sales offices, exhibition halls, kiosks, bars, garages, sports venues, and especially as mobile homes for tourist accommodations.


Mr. Alessandra ESEGIO
Via Quadri 89, 36100 Vecenza, Italiy
+39 444 1808242