Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

Livelihoods resource centres

Livelihoods Resource Centres, as one-stop-shops, provide training, career guidance and links between employees and employers.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Livelihoods resource centres
Organisation:Leonard Cheshire Disability
of origin
United Kingdom


The project started in four South Asian countries in 2005. In the pilot phase, 1,279 people with disabilities completed the training programmes, and 893 (70%) entered employment or started their own businesses. With further investment from other private sector and institutional bodies such as Accenture, the EU, USAID and the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, the programme was started in 25 locations in 10 countries in Asia and Africa.


Livelihoods Resource Centres (LRCs) are delivered through local partner organisations and have six core components:

-Screening, assessment, counselling and referral

-Networking, sensitising trainers and employers, and community outreach

-Skills development – training through recognised training institutions

-Supporting people to enter waged employment

-Supporting people to enter self-employment through training and loans or grants

– Information sharing and advocacy with trainers, employers, governments and the community

The “one-stop-shop” model has worked in Leonard Cheshire Disability’s other programmes and now works in LRCs. LRCs are unique in providing the full range of support that disabled people need when looking for jobs or becoming self-employed. Partnering with mainstream training institutions means that people get recognised qualifications. The “soft skills” training, including interviewing, writing CVs, communications, etc., helps make the project successful. Training also meets the needs of local employment markets and people’s own interests and talents. For self-employment support, the microfinance model used by LRCs includes savings and insurance, thought to be effective at poverty reduction.


Centres are to be found in:

–          Asia: Bangladesh, China, India, Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

–          Africa: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda

The first LRCs were started in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


Imtiaz Mohammed
Head of Programmes – Africa
Leonard Cheshire Disability – International Department
66 South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1RL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 3242 0200

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