Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

Economic and social inclusion

The Unlocking Potentials programme contributes to improving the living conditions of persons with disabilities in Lebanon and supports them in accessing formal employment through vocational training. It provides comprehensive support for jobseekers, job opportunities in public and private sectors and a pilot scheme for income generation.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Economic and social inclusion
Organisation:Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union/Unlocking Potentials
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–      1,300 PWD have completed vocational training provided by the programme (computer courses, English courses, literacy courses, graphic design courses etc.)

–      600 persons with disabilities have received job seekers’ training and careers advisory services

–      300 persons with disabilities who have received career advisory services have been matched with jobs, and 150 PWD have been employed in different sectors

–      600 potential employers have participated in awareness-raising and capacity-building activities

–      50 places of employment are participating by revising their internal policies and practices

–      5 ministries and public sector bodies are actively engaged in the programme, taking measures to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities

–      150 small NGOs benefit from capacity-building through the programme (regarding inclusion and Law 220/2000).


Together with private sector employers, Unlocking Potentials develops policies on inclusive workplaces that benefit a wider group of persons with disabilities (PWD) and disadvantaged workers, and maintain them in decent work. Advocacy and policy development with employers are linked to wider advocacy with the government in order to promote social economic inclusion, ratify the UN CRPD, and implement Law 220(2000). This is being done in collaboration with the national employers’ forum network developed by this programme. Moreover the programme increases the capacities of vocational training providers and civil society organisations in supporting PWD.


Lebanon. A number of initiatives have been taken to transmit this experience to other Arab countries, such as Oman, Egypt, Qatar, UAE and Palestine, upon the request of some ministries in these countries (for example, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Qatar and the Ministry of Interior in Abu Dhabi).



Ms. Sylvana Lakkis
General Manager
Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union (LPHU)
PO Box 5473/15, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: +961 3 249737

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