Innovative Practices 2016 on Education and ICT

Video emergency line for the hearing-impaired

In times of emergency it is difficult for persons with a hearing impairment to access the national emergency line. Consequently, the HCD has developed a system that makes video calls possible and has trained officers at the Jordan Command and Control Centre (JCCC) to communicate via sign language.

“The video emergency line has changed both my life and the lives of others like me. For the first time, we feel equal, safe, and reassured!”

Faisal AL SOUSvideo emergency line user
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Video emergency line for the hearing-impaired
Organisation:Higher Council of Affairs of Persons with Disabilities (HCD)

of Implementation


  • The number of beneficiaries is estimated at 250,000.
  • 1,000 students with a hearing impairment have been trained on utilizing the emergency line.
  • 18 officers from the JCCC were trained on communicating with sign language.

Video Emergency Line for Persons with Hearing Impairments


Sign language is not widely known within the Jordanian community, which means that persons with a hearing impairment must be accompanied by sign language interpreters if they want to communicate. However, during an emergency it is difficult for them to call the national emergency hotline, as the operators cannot communicate via sign language and interpreters may not be available at the time the call for help is made.


The project, which was initiated by a cooperation of the Higher Council of Affairs of Persons with Disabilities and the Public Security Directorate, includes the training of JCCC officers to communicate using sign language and the development of an ICT system that enables the JCCC to accept video calls via a newly established special emergency line. In addition, a media campaign was conducted to spread awareness of the new line and to train the hearingimpaired on how to make use of it.


Since most deaf people in Jordan have a smart phone and have begun using video calls when communicating among themselves, the emergency line made use of this same kind of communication tool.  Going forward, all phone network companies in Jordan will be incorporated into the project, and more officers in the JCCC and other governmental institutions will be enrolled in sign language training. In addition, two people with hearing impairment will be appointed to the JCCC to ensure the sustainability of the training and the maintenance of the overall System.


Ms. Alia Zureikat
Higher Council of Affairs of Persons with Disabilities (HCD)