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ISOTI- Intelligent System Of Tactile Information

ISOTI improves the independent orientation for blind or visually impaired persons. It works with different tactile symbols for example guidelines on the floor have different width – some are narrow, some are wider. The broader the more attention must be paid because this lines lead for example to stairs.

“ISOTI enables blind people to walk and orientate themselves in public space in a self-determined way…”

Wolfgang NOWAK
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:ISOTI- Intelligent System Of Tactile Information
Organisation:University of Vienna
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Blind and visually impaired persons
Approach/ model/ solution:Guidelines and tactile symbols for orientation in buildings


  • In 5 buildings: University of Vienna, student advocacy, Prison in Eisenstadt, Competence Center for accessibility
  • planned in 2 more: AKH, Lake Stage Morbisch.
  • Time of realization: from 2009 until now
  • Tactile indicators can be glued on, no problem in buildings with monument protection


Common solutions are based on a „stop and go“-system, which entails that users need more time to cover a way and also need more time for orientation. ISOTI works with a different system which includes that symbols give information about the way you are taking (leading to stairs, leading to a special room etc.).


The innovation of this new system is that the user is given information about where he is turning while in motion. On the basis of the width of the tactile indicators, the user knows where he is and where he can go: vertical shifting (stairs, lift, lecture rooms, toiletes etc.). The costs for the realization have been decreased in comparison to conventional guidance systems, due to the number of tactile indicators.


Currently ISOTI is being realized at the University of Vienna, lately in 2013 at the faculty of mathematics and economics as well as at the Advocacy for students and disabled persons. In the near future the ISOTI system will be implemented at the AKH Vienna (General Hospital), provided that there is enough budget, and at the Lake Stage Morbisch (Burgenland).

ISOTI- Intelligent System Of Tactile Information

Hauptuniversität (main University building)

© Ing. Günther Ertl


Wolfgang NOWAK
University of Vienna
Universitätsstr. 7/2 (NIG), 1010 Vienna

Nominated by Gerhard Neustätter, TU-Wien