Keywords: Latin America, Online trainings in accessibility 

Instituto de Accesibilidad

Instituto de Accesibilidad is an accessibility consultancy based in Peru. They have developed an online training programmes in accessibility for a Latin American context. The programmes, which include online and interactive elements, cover topics such as accessible signage, accessible tourism and tactile flooring. 192 people have taken one of their 4 courses in the past 18 months in 4 countries, and they want to expand to other countries in Latin America.

About the practice at a glance
Name of OrganisationInstituto de Accesibilidad
Type of organisationStart-Up company
of Implementation
Year started2018
Funding modelIncome from the project itself (fee for courses)


This project emerged from my accessibility consulting experience. The project began in March 2018 with a first short course. Subsequently we have created 3 more courses. We have as of June 2019 (18 months) 192 students (growing each month).
Our online workshops Specialist in Accessibility and Accessible Tourism are certified by an International University – Bircham International University. 


We asked projects to outline their impact model (also called Theory of Change) – their main target groups, the key activities they offer these target groups, and what impact they want to achieve:

Target GroupActivityImpact

Change their point of view about disability and accessibility


It has not been replicated, but it is replicable and scalable.


Our project currently focuses on Latin America. We believe that if we train the professionals in accessibility, we can make a big change in people’s life. With or without disability. And that is what we work for.  

In the future, we plan to look at the Spanish-speaking market in the USA, as well as other countries where we are not investing so far: Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil, among others. The goal is to be a reference in Latin America in specialised training in accessibility for professionals. 

I, as founder of this initiative and accessibility consultant, would be the project owner for Impact Transfer programme.


The opportunity of making this bigger and expand the idea to Asia or USA is really good for us, as we will impact in more people’s life. Learning is always a good idea, and learning from the best is a great opportunity I don’t want to miss. 

Our programs are designed based on LatAm real life. Our biggest challenge would be to redo our programs and adapt them for other parts of the world.