Other shortlisted practices 2014

Improved communication for people with disabilities

Service, training, research, loan of equipment and dissemination of information in order to ensure accessibility in communication for disabled (SCN)

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Bliss Foundation, Augmented and Alternative Communication
Organisation:Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted people with special communication needs
Approach/ model/ solution:Support and Promotion of accessibility in communication for disabled


  • the project started in 1993
  • there are more than 20 publications and films for professionals and lay people
  • there are more than 800 families got direct service and help
  • there are more than 1500 teachers, therapists, students and family members trained in AAC


The Hungarian Bliss Foundation (HBF) has been serving persons with severe disabilities and SCN for 26 years. People with SCN were excluded from education, and so they lost the opportunities to participate in the society.


HBF was the first to call attention to the human rights of people with SCN. The solution was augmentative and alternative communication introduced by HBF, meaning accessible communication devices, teachers’ training, family support, and production of teaching and training materials. As a civil NGO HBF worked hard for representing this group on the level of legislation.


HBF is well known both in and out of the country as a professional teaching, training and rehabilitation center of AAC. Its presence in higher education offers many opportunities to pass on their experience that accessibility and human rights are intertwined for those with SCN. HBF served as a special example in using high tech in special education: the use and development of special high tech communication aids accompanied by their loan service made accessibility a reality for many families, regarded as therapeutic partners. HBF is present in all of the significant NGO-bodies in the country.


Zsófia Kálmán
Bliss Alapítvány
1112 Budapest XI., Neszmélyi út 36.
(+361) 310-3583

nominated by: Stefania Kapronczay, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union