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Raising awareness by setting a good example

At Gran Estacion Shopping Center persons with disabilities are working as securities. The main idea is to show, that persons with disabilities can do the same jobs like persons without disabilities. It should reduce inhibition for other companies to employ persons with disabilities.

“No barriers, no disability”

Constanza del Pilar GONZALEZ MORATO
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Gran Estacion Shopping Center
Organisation:Gran Estación Centro Comercial P.H.
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with physical disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:Barrier-free banking services


  • 5 out of 21 buses accessible for wheelchairs
  • 17 assistants for persons with disabilities in different functions
  • 45 employees with disabilities (28 securities, 17 others)


The biggest problem, when implementing measures to improve the accessibility of Gran Estación, has been the lack of civic awareness. Needs of persons with disabilities are not known by visitors. By building barrier-free spaces and having employees with disabilities the awareness should be raised.


The message of the project is, “they can all work equally regardless of their condition”. It´s an important for the project, that customers and visitors find an accessible location in Gran Estacion Mall, with open spaces that allow them to move without hindrance or restriction. Currently all commercial premises of the shopping center are accessible to persons with disability status. There are stairs and electric ramps, elevators and wheelchair accessible buses.


There is a qualified team that prides itself in transforming the needs in solutions, allowing to meet quality policies and becoming an agent of change for employees and visitors at Gran Estacion. In the areas of customer service, safety and parking among others, there are staff members in different disabling conditions, ready to assist visitors when required. In 2014 Gran Estacion Mall will introduce the “Festival Without Limits”, with the purpose of becoming an unprecedented event, which based on the exercise of human rights, creates a reflection on social inclusion, respect, fairness and trust.

Staff with disability

Staff with disability

© Daniel Leonardo Rivera Rodrigues


Constanza del Pilar GONZALEZ MORATO
Gran Estación Centro Comercial P.H.
Av. Calle 26, 62-47, Bogotá Colombia

Nominated by Gran Estación Centro Comercial P.H.