Other shortlisted practices 2014

Free information center for technical equipment

LIFEtool offers counseling and workshops to inform about technical equipment, special software and financial support for persons with physical disabilities.

In the LIFEtool counseling centers information is provided independently from sale on technical aids and special software for people with disabilities.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:LIFEtool
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted All persons with disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:Giving information and counseling about equipment and special software for persons with disabilities


  • 7 LIFEtool information centers
  • 16 languages for LIFEtool software programs
  • 40 countries have LIFEtool products and solutions
  • 100 international distributors worldwide
  • 22,860 hours individual counseling so far
  • 26,000 users worldwide


Many countries do not offer legal claims for equipment for persons with disabilities. They are often not fully funded and official requests can take a long time. Equipment for medical and vocational rehabilitation is often financed, but usually not for the social rehabilitation.


The LIFEtool advisory network is a charitable organization, supported by Diakonic institutions and promoted by public bodies and sponsors. They offer carers individual, person-oriented consultation; free, independent advice; specialized training and workshops; advice on financial aid opportunities and the opportunity to test the tool for availability in the familiar environment.


LIFEtool combines realistic educational, psychological, social and integrative knowledge of members of social welfare organisations with the technical, electronic and programming know-how of researchers and developers of the Austrian Institute of Technology. People working with persons with disabilities in everyday life and rehabilitation and especially persons with disabilities themselves give valuable inputs for new projects, diagnosis and therapy. To achieve these aims LIFEtool operates centers in Austria, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

A girl uses a computer to communicate A girl uses a computer to communicate © LIFEtool


Mr. David HOFER
LIFEtool GmbH
Hafenstraße 47-51, 4020 Linz, Austria
+43 732997056

Nominated by: Katharina MEICHENITSCH, Diakonie Österreich