Innovative Practices 2014 on Accessibility

Evacuation manual in DAISY Multimedia Format

Easy to understand accessible evacuation manual in DAISY multimedia format (Digital Accessible Information System is a technical standard for computerized text) for persons with intellectual disabilities.

“First understand how to protect yourselves from a Tsunami, then memorize it through evacuation drill. If the brain is panicked, memory will help to evacuate”.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Evacuation manual using DAISY
Organisation:Assistive Technology Development Organization (ATDO)
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with learning disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:Computer, internet learning laboratory; scientific research


  • customizable for each group to include familiar suroundings
  • +250 persons from Bethel House and other community groups trained
  • trainings conducted 2 days per year – summer and winter (evacuation drills once during the day and once in the evening)
  • to date implemented in Urakawa Town, Hokkaido, Japan


Bethel’s House members with severe psycho-social disabilities living in the Urakawa Town successfully participate in the community. One of their major concerns was a potential Tsunami. It is expected, in the worst scenario, to be more than 10 meters high. By sharing scientific knowledge on Tsunami and by training evacuation, despair was changed to confidence.


One part of the multimedia manual focuses on ‘general information’, sharing basic information on why it is essential to evacuate when a natural disaster happens. The second part pairs the ‘evacuation route’ with a customized training manual, indicating the best evacuation route in one’s familiar surroundings. People may see faces they know, including themselves, alongside familiar houses and streets and hear a familiar voice speaking the text. The idea is to make people feel that it is his/her own manual for safety.


The training includes easy instructions:

  • “after a big quake, don’t waste your time to get information or instruction but decide to evacuate immediately”,
  • “prepare the evacuation bag which includes most important goods including medicine” and
  • “grab the evacuation bag and run with your friends following the evacuation route” etc.

It is further planned to disseminate the training manual to other locations in Japan, India and Sri Lanka and to produce a similar manual for typhoon and heavy rain disasters. Translation is not very difficult but some of the contents need to be modified to be based on the local situation.


Mr. Hiroshi KAWAMURA
Assistive Technology Development Organization
1-1-61-101, Wakaba-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 1820003, Japan +81-(0)3-5384-7207


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Nominated by: Mr. Yasunobu ISHII, The Nippon Foundation