Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

An employment resource for the visually impaired

The EBU job website tells visually impaired people, employers and policy makers across Europe about the huge range of jobs undertaken by visually impaired people. It is part of a range of work carried out by EBU to examine, promote, and facilitate the employment of blind and partially sighted people.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:An employment resource for the visually impaired
Organisation:European Blind Union
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The European Blind Union is a non-governmental, non-profit-making European organisation founded in 1984. One of the six regional bodies of the World Blind Union, it promotes, protects and develops the interests of blind and partially sighted people in Europe.


The website enables the sharing of information, the raising of awareness, and the increase in opportunities for the blind and partially sighted both to envisage and obtain employment. It provides information on categories of jobs undertaken by blind and partially sighted people, and is open to further additions and information. It is part of EBU’s ongoing work on employment, which also includes the Vision in Enterprise (ViE) project, designed to encourage entrepreneurship as an option for visually impaired people.

Tangible results will be a toolkit of bespoke learning materials, competencies and delivery methods for professionals in vocational and educational training with underpinning materials such as leaflets and reference guides.

Another key aspect of EBU’s work in the field of employment is the analysis of the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. This includes specific questionnaires on employment legislation sent out to members. The replies to the questionnaires can be read here:–work-and-employment/




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