Other shortlisted practices 2014

Easy-to-read cookbook

The organization distributes a cookbook in easy-to-read language for people with intellectual disabilities to enable them following the instructions for cooking.

An easy-to-read cookbook following the principles of the Mediterranean Diet used by people with intellectual disabilities.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Margarita on the table
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with intellectual disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:Training persons with intellectual disabilities in cooking Mediterranean diet using a cookbook in simple language


  • The project started in 2012
  • More than 50 people with intellectual disabilities had been trained in cooking using non-formal learning methods without the cookbook
  • 10 people with mental disabilities have been trained in cooking using the cookbook and consequently where able to cook more complex recipes on their own


Instructions in regular cookbooks are often too complicated for people with intellectual disabilities and create a barrier for them when it comes to cooking.


Margarita on the table is about the use of an easy-to-read cookbook by people with intellectual disabilities. It is primarily used in the training of daily living skills and in supported living but can be used at home as well. Training in cooking was a practice in Margarita for years but the cookbook was missing and some more complex recipes were not accessible to people when on their own. It’s the first time in Greece that people with intellectual disabilities have the chance to cook on their own following a cookbook.


The project was first introduced by the organisation Margarita in 2003. Via Youth in Action EP the first cookbook for healthy cooking for people with intellectual disabilities using the easy-to-read method was produced. More than 50 people had been trained in cooking and ten by using the cookbook. The cookbook can be used in Greece for training in daily living skills & supported living by people with disabilities. Currently a few copies will be distributed to other centers. Soon it will be accessible through Margarita’s webpage where it will be sold for low cost. At present the cookbook is only available in Greek language.

103_Easy Language Cookbook Margarita_1 The participants of the program after completing the photo shoot of one of the recipes © Kamil Ercument Atak


Messolonghiou 4-6, 15236 Nea Pendeli, Greece
+30 2106138150

Nominated by: Ioannis BISTAS, Margarita Special Vocational Training for people with intellectual disabilities