Innovative Practices 2014 on Accessibility

Digital Library with more than 300,000 textbooks

AMAC provides a cost-effective, replicable, scalable, holistic business model which provides accessible solutions and research for corporate, governmental and non-profit entities supporting post-secondary individuals with disabilities.

“AMAC Accessibility is producing accessible, digital, Braille and captioned content which provides practical, centralised solutions at an affordable cost.”

Christopher M. LEE
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:AMAC Accessibility Solutions
Organisation:AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center
of origin
United States of America
Beneficiaries targeted Students with disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:Training, technical assistance, assistive technology software


  • Over 300,000 textbook title records updated weekly
  • Over 60,000 students have been served since 2006
  • An estimated 2,500 post-secondary institutions in the USA have requested over 150,000 electronic publisher files
  • Awards include: The National Learning Disability Award, 2013; National Federation White Cane Award, 2009; The Governor’s Customer Service Award, 2007


In the United States there is a lack of affordable and accessible products in the market which support post-secondary students with disabilities in their studies. Training on assistive technology reading solutions is also lacking.


AMAC offers a one-stop shop for digital and alternative media textbooks, cost-effective reuse of digital libraries, remote captioning and downloadable assistive technology software to quickly access materials at universities, colleges, government agencies, non-profits, and corporations.


AMAC knows how to build partnerships that knock down barriers. AMAC constantly initiates new ways to strategically collaborate with private, non-profit and government groups to leverage and utilise resources and serve the best interests of all, now and into the future. AMAC will continue to advocate with publishers, distributors and other alternative media producers to develop and implement guidelines and standards for accessible content. The ultimate goal of AMAC is to bring accessible content to the marketplace.

188_AMAC_AMAC Accessibility Solutions_FotoShowing a young man in front of the PC working on media being modified and made accessible. (photo: Raminta Zebrauskas/AMAC)

Mr. Christopher M. LEE
AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center
512 Means Street, Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia 30318, USA | +43-1-330 35 45-24


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• all voters, EU voters and NGO voters
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• access to ICT
• targeting the blind

Nominated by: Joy KNISKERN, AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center