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Colour identification system for the colourblind

ColorADD is a universal graphic code whose mission is to enable the colourblind to identify colours. It supports the social integration of persons with colour vision deficiency.

“ColorADD: a social responsible solution that enables colourblind people to identify colours.”

Miguel NEIVA
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:ColorADD – Color is for ALL!
Organisation:ColorADD – Miguel Neiva & Assoc. Lda.
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Beneficiaries targeted Persons with color vision deficiency
Approach/ model/ solution:System to transform colour into symbols


  • Gold Medal award from the Portuguese Government, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Distinguished by INSEAD and IES, Investigação em Empreendedorismo Social as a ‘High Potential Social Entrepreneurship Initiative’


Colourblindness, or colour vision deficiency, affects approximately 10% of men and 1 in 200 women – approximately 350 million people around the world. There are different forms of colour blindness, including the total inability to perceive colours.


ColorADD transforms colour to a graphic code that indicates the colours on textiles, medicines, educational games, coatings, paint material etc. Based on three primary colours, the symbols are related to each other and the entire colour pallet graphically identified (for example, yellow and blue make green; the symbols of the graphic code are similarly combined).


Currently, ColorAdd is used in many different areas such as education (school utilities, manuals and books, educational games, etc.), textiles and footwear, healthcare systems, transport systems, food industry, teaching materials, city administration, science, culture etc. The  ColorADD is also used in the Portuguese National School Exams to facilitate the correct interpretation of colour and consequently the contents of exams. Delivering innovative projects in more than 35 different areas, ColorADD is obtaining visibility and recognition on a global scale from business, institutional and academic communities, as well as wide media coverage: Le Monde, France Press, Vogue, Folha de São Paulo, Globo TV, among others.

ColorADD pencilsColorADD is a universal graphic code that translates colour into symbols.

Mr. Miguel NEIVA
ColorADD – Miguel Neiva & Assoc. Lda.
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 93
4050-381 Porto, Portugal | +351 917 526 446


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