Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

Job support for persons with intellectual disabilities

The aim of the initiative is to find places of work in the open labour market for persons with intellectual difficulties.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Job support for persons with intellectual disabilities
Organisation:Centrum DZWONI
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Centum DZWONI is a countrywide initiative, started in 2006.

2,320 people have availed themselves of the different forms of support offered. 790 people have found a job in the open labour market. Currently, 170 staff members work in the agency, but the number has changed during the years.


Centrum DZWONI (Centre of Career Advising and Supporting Mentally Handicapped People) is the first “non-public” employment agency in Poland that aims at finding positions in the open labour market for persons with intellectual disabilities using individual support, i.e. a job coach.

In Poland, the term “open labour market” means national offices, institutions and companies that do not have the status of “sheltered workshop”.

The activity of the agency is based on a “supported employment” methodology. “Supported employment” means that persons with intellectual disabilities have the individual support of the specialist – the job coach – during the whole process of searching for a job and employment.

Because of its provision of individual support to a customer, concentrating on his/her advantages and possibilities, and adjusting the forms and spectrum of support to her/his needs, this activity is unique.

Centrum DZWONI’s support is free and based on the following model, where the following forms of support are provided for persons with intellectual disabilities:

  • Assessment of preferences and occupational predispositions
  • Assessment of level of social skills
  • Theoretical workshops covering social skills and operating in the labour market
  • Creating Individual Plans of Activity
  • Practice in a workplace at a chosen work station
  • Analysis of a work station, covering the individual possibilities open to a customer
  • Support during interview
  • Training with a customer at his/or work station, then regular support and monitoring of her/his employment
  • Support for an employer who employs a person with disability (consultancy, organisation, law etc.)


Poland. The model for DZWONI comes from Ireland.


Monika Zakrzewska
Koordynator projektu
Centrum DZWONI
ul. Kacza 21, 01-064 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 22 620 30 31

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