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Capito – Information that is being received

Capito offers the service of translating contents of websites, commercials or other information, for example security guidelines into a barrier-free language. That way the information is accessible for everyone – involving visually impaired, blind people, persons with learning difficulties or disabilities or people with lacking knowledge of the German language.

Accessibility involves the physical environment as well as the digital media and public information, which should be comprehensible for everyone.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:capito Social-Franchise-Network
Organisation:Consulting, Franchise & Sales GmbH
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted persons with visual impairment, blindness and learning difficulties
Approach/ model/ solution:providing barrier-free information


  • Barrier-free information is required for up to 40% of the population
  • Therefore in the field of security information there has been an increase of using accessible information from 2011 to 2012 of 700%!
  • Awards & Nominations: Sozialmarie 2007, B2B Diversity Best Practise 2011, SEA Award 2012, Trigos 2011, recently: Austrian Franchise Award 2013


For many people it is hard or even impossible to comprehend  public information. In order to counteract, capito aims to make websites, dvd´s, cd´s and other contents accessible for everyone.


The persons benefiting from the project achieved a German level up to B1 – which is alarming, because the information published by companies and public administrations demands at least the B2 standard, to be fully understood.
This is where capito steps in and transforms the message of the text into an easy comprehensible content. The project makes education, knowledge of personal rights, internet with its information and different services accessible for everyone. Products of capito are used in the health sector, in work places and succeed to increase the personal security (for example barrier-free fire security). Additionally the capito network creates attractive jobs for persons with disabilities.


Capito is focused on regionally coordinated, long-term activities, since they are more effective than single campaigns. So far more than 100 institutions, communities and regions in Austria and Germany participate in the capito network “ready for accessibility” and are working step by step for a barrier–free environment for everyone. At the beginning of the year 2014 three social franchise-partners joined capito. Accordingly there are now altogether nine partner facilities. With every new capito partner, nine working places are created. The goal is having 160 new employees hired at the end of 2015.

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Meeting of the capito network with members from Germany and Austria, (photo: capito)


Mrs. Walburga FRÖHLICH
capito Social-Franchise-Network
Heinrichstraße 145 I 8010 Graz
+43 316 81 47 16 0

Nominated by: Mr. Klaus CANDUSSI, atempo