Other shortlisted practices 2014

Books and newspapers in easy language

Famous books and newspapers are translated in a simpler language for greater accessibility for people with reading difficulties.

“Spass am Lesen publishing” enables persons with learning and reading difficulties, persons with migration background and those with minimal education access to well-known literature and news.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Leicht verständliche Literatur und Nachrichten
Organisation:Spass am Lesen publishing
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with reading difficulties
Approach/ model/ solution:Translating books and newspapers in an easy language


  • The estimated target group consists of 40% of the population
  • The project originally comes from Holland and started 2009 in Germany
  • Popular books like “The diary of a young girl” or “The Intouchables” have  already been translated


Access to culture is often regarded as a negligible “luxury” for people with little education or with disabilities. The lack of understandable literature excludes them from culture and information.


“Spass am Lesen publishing” publishes works of famous authors transferring those in simple language. Some books have been newly developed for the target group of untrained readers. Also newspapers in simple language are being written. This means that the newspapers barely contain foreign words or technical terms. The font is larger than in “normal” newspapers. The sentences are shorter. In addition, the layout is particularly clear. These newspapers help inexperienced readers learning to read.


Since 2009 the simple to read newspaper is published 6 times a year and since 2012 there is also a weekly newspaper from “Spass am Lesen publishing”. Also 13 easy to read books have been published so far. The publisher wants to increase the number of published books and also campaign against analphabetism.