Innovative Practice 2017 on Employment, Work and Vocational Education and Training

28-week employment training programme

LetsCo – an educational centre for young adults with intellectual disabilities operating in the province of Flanders, Belgium – organizes practical trainings and internships for people who would like to work in the open labour market but have not managed to find employment. To date, almost 500 participants have been trained and have found supported employment.

“It is important to get in touch with people without disabilities in the workplace. Otherwise, your world is very small.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:28-week employment training programme
of Implementation


    • Internships created in 2014: 49
    • Internships created in 2015: 40
    • Internships created in 2016: 48


Adults in Flanders with an intellectual disability who have not managed to get a job in the open labour market receive financial support from the government, but such support cannot be combined with a salary. Since they cannot get a paid job, many people with an intellectual disability go to day-care centres or stay at home.


LetsCo organizes long-term trainings (one day every two weeks for 28 weeks), including traineeships in regular working environments such as for-profit companies (as co-workers), in kindergartens, and in elderly care centres.
As a result, participants develop professional skills and discover their strengths, talents, and areas in need of improvement. On-the-job-training takes place in a company or organization close to where the individual lives. During the second half of the training programme, the participants are enrolled in a 14-week internship, working a minimum of three hours/maximum of six hours per week. Consequently, young adults with intellectual disabilities are strengthened to take an active role in their own community. With a success rate of 82 per cent, this model offers these young adults a perspective for the future and a chance to work in a regular environment.


One training costs approx. €25,000 per year and is funded by the Flemish Government. LetsCo has been expanding into various types of education, has increased its partnerships with corporations, and is working towards a self-sustaining model.


Ms Jolien SMIS
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