Innovative Practices 2016 on Education and ICT

Bridging the gap to the IT industry

The IBM team recommended opportunities for improving EnAble India’s services portfolio and helped them to identify the needs of the IT sector in terms of employing persons with various disabilities ranging from the mild to the profoundly disabled. EnAble India’s mission is to empower persons with disability, from childhood to adult age. Core activities are employment of people with disabilities, pre-employment services, supplemental education, counselling and support services, consultancy and training for other institutions and NGOs and technology services.

“I was blessed to be selected for this specific assignment. I have a solid HR experience and also have a disability and have been fortunate enough to realize my goals and potential. As such, Enable India’s mission and the project goals fully resonated with me.”

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Support to EnAble India
Organisation:IBM Belgium
of Implementation


  • EnAble India has placed people with disabilities in 123 IT and IT education services companies.
  • EnAble India has placed more than 2,000 persons with various disabilities in 26 sectors and in 20 locations.
  • EnAble India is seen as a trailblazer in creating and conducting programmes for the inclusion of people with disabilities in government organizations.

IBM Support to Enable India

IT professionals from many companies gather at a roundtable organized by EnAble India.


People with disabilities in India often lack information about available jobs and are not adequately equipped with the technologies or techniques that they could use to carry out various work activities. There are also prevailing myths and a lack of awareness about the skills and talents that people with disabilities can bring to a workplace, the variety of activities that they can carry out, and the advantages of hiring them.


To tackle these problems, IBM supports EnAble India to effectively and efficiently offer the services of people with disabilities. To this end, IBM has developed a self-assessment questionnaire to gage the readiness of companies to hire people with disabilities, as well as a guide for following-up with interviews after a company has reviewed the questionnaire so as to identify gaps and opportunities to increase the employment of people with disabilities. After interviewing nine diversity leaders and reviewing and the best practices of companies, including their hiring practices and leadership values, EnAble India presented its findings at a round table of some 30 IT specialists from a large variety of firms, and the IBM project team then came together and developed a consulting model that maps companies into four levels of readiness concerning the employment of people with disabilities. In this way, the project helps these companies to customize solutions to fulfil their needs in terms of hiring people with disabilities. The team has also created a business plan that supports a company’s marketing activities and ensures its sustainability, and it has produced a report on the needs, barriers, and requirements with regard to the employment of people with disabilities.


In the short term, IBM wants to support EnAble India to increase its productivity and improve its access to the market by using the newly developed consulting model to open new doors and push companies to complete a self-assessment of their hiring practices regarding people with disabilities, which then helps EnAble India to offer these companies tailor-made services and solutions. Going forward, new business software is being programmed, and the project brochure will be used to promote and expand EnAble India. .


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Nominated by: Yves Veulliet, IBM Belgium