Innovative Practices 2016 on Education and ICT

An all-stakeholder approach towards Inclusive Education

Chance B has initiated a joint initiative of all stakeholders for a pilot project on an inclusive educational system in the region of Eastern Styria, Austria. This all-encompassing approach includes: children and young adults, parents and families, teachers, headmasters, early care experts, kindergarten teachers, mayors, NGOs, psychologists, therapists, childminders, politicians, communal administration staff, and others who are interested in Inclusive Education.

“The project is sharing experiences, guidelines, and concrete measures for rural regions on their way to establishing an inclusive educational system for all children and young adults.”

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About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:An all-stakeholder approach towards Inclusive Education
Organisation:Chance B Holding

of Implementation


  • The project has established a network of 270 actors in the educational system.
  • Training and awareness-raising workshops have been held for 85 teaching staff.
  • A scientific study has been conducted involving case studies and 25 expert interviews.

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Chance B –has worked for 25 years on equal rights and opportunities for people threatened by exclusion in the eastern part of Styria, an Austrian regional province. The organization offers a variety of services for children and their families to accompany and support them on their way through the educational system (e.g., school integration assistants, therapists, supported employment, etc.). Chance B works to empower everyone  who believes in the values of inclusiveness and gives them the opportunity to be part of the process. At the same time, it works to inform the general public about the concept of inclusion.


The various project activities complement each other to increase knowledge on inclusion in all relevant sectors of society, with a concentration on three main activities: (1) all educational facilities in the Austrian provincial town of Gleisdorf work together in their Inclusive Education activities;  (2) networking groups involving all stakeholders in eastern Styria work towards concrete measures and solutions; and (3) the evaluation process, performed by the University of Graz, conducts case studies and interviews with experts, resulting in recommendations and suggested innovative procedures. Active project management ensures that all the various groups stay focused and work towards the common goal of Inclusive Education.


Rooted in the region, Chance B has contacts to communal networks, regional politicians, and administrative units, which provides a broad social environment-oriented perspective. Now, as the project nears its end, the focus is to motivate the various individuals and institutions involved to take responsibility for the process and thus continue the efforts for inclusiveness even after the formal end of the project. One success of the project is that going forward eastern Styria is an official inclusive region as defined by the Styrian government. This means that, among others, the regional school authority is challenged to continue the process Inclusive Education that has been started.


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