Other shortlisted practices 2014

A contest for accessible internet websites in Poland

Accessibility of websites in Poland substantially improved due to the possibility of effective and detailed tests of a website for its accessibility through the development of research methodology. An innovative approach to research methods allows constant development.nd websites are made accessible for persons with all kinds of disabilities.

“We promote the idea of the internet accessible to all, without barriers, friendly, and not the internet, which creates walls.”

The President of The „Visible” Foundation
Name of Innovative Practice:A contest for websites without barriers
Organisation:The “Visible” Foundation
Country of Origin:Poland
Beneficiaries targeted:persons with visual hearing impairments
Approach/model/solution:Promoting accessible websites free of barriers and discrimination and equal rights to access electronic information.


• the project started in 2009
• the foundation has already tested almost 1000 websites
• each of these tested websites get suggestions to improve


E-accessibility was not a subject of webmasters’ or websites’ owners concern for a long time. There were no tools on the Polish market allowing to assess accessibility of a website. Using only validators does not allow to analyse fully whether the website complies with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards or not.


The methodology is based on practical knowledge, analysis of consultants with disabilities and support of the scientific community. It prevails over traditional methods based on mechanical analysis and the inclusion of disabled users. It provides a realistic assessment of the accessibility of the website. The study does not generate high costs. The study not only depicts the state of the accessibility, but also provides ready solutions.


The Foundation has developed a methodology for testing the accessibility of web services allowing objectively, in a point scale to assess compliance with WCAG accessibility standards. The methodology is universal, and it is available for everyone to download from the widzialni.org. In each of the tests there are three consultants with disabilities (blind, with sight impairment and deaf) involved who check the accessibility of the website. Each test is completed with a report which lists all irregularities and suggested solutions to them.
Based on the developed methodology the Foundation organizes the annual contest “Website without barriers”. The first edition of the contest took place in 2009. So far 372 websites participated in four editions of the contest. Each year, an increasing number of websites enter the contest.


Mr. Wojciech Kulesza
Fundacja Widzialni
ul. Warszawska 53
42-202 Częstochowa
+48 34 325 40 41

nominated by: Rafal Trzaskowski, Member of European Parliament