A picture of Joaqium José Chicava.

“I want to be my own boss and not depend on others.”

My name is Joaquim José Chicava and I am 30 years old. I have a hearing impairment and I live alone. I started a course in civil metalworking in July 2016 and I graduated in December after six months of training. I was then invited to work as a paid intern in Young Africa’s Department of Metalwork for three months. At the end of my internship the head of Young Africa’s carpentry department contracted me to produce metal structures for furniture, such as school desks and chairs. Following this, I was contracted again by the head of the department to build porches for a church and for several homes.

The money I earn from this work allows me to buy food, clothing, and to build my own home. It also allows me to help my maternal aunt and my grandmother. I am currently working on the production of the metal structures for 30 chairs suitable for wheelchair users.

With the work I am doing at the moment I am perfecting the skills and knowledge I acquired during my time at the Young Africa training centre. Now that I have these skills, my dream is to open my own business to provide services in the field of welding, such as the production of metal gates, ovens, windows, sheds, and other structures.

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