Keiichiro Nozaki

I think this is an amazing breakthrough for us”

My name is Keiichiro Nozaki. I am 37 years old. Seven years ago, I had an accident which resulted in paraplegia. I’ve been using a wheelchair ever since. Before I found out about “WheeLog!”, I could do my job normally in my wheelchair, but I still came across a lot of obstacles whenever I went out. For example, there were very few toilets and parking lots for people with disabilities or wheelchair-accessible restaurants. What’s more, it was difficult to get information about barrier-free places even if there were any.

However, since “WheeLog!” was released in May 2017, getting information about barrier-free places has become much easier. Users of “WheeLog!” can now post information about barrier-free spots, such as elevators, toilets, parking lots, hotels, restaurants or leisure spots onto the map in the application. Users can also record their wheelchair tracklog on the map. Therefore, wheelchair users can share experiences with wheelchair-accessible places and routes using “WheeLog!”. I think this is an amazing breakthrough for us!

Thanks to “WheeLog!”, I could go on a trip by myself more easily than before and I also posted about leisure spots and restaurants which I could go to. If we all did this, we could help accessible information accumulate on “WheeLog!” and the number of places where wheelchair users can go would increase. We could then expect the quality of our lives to improve.

Whether you’re a wheelchair user or not, you should definitely give “WheeLog!” a try!

Read more about “WheeLog!” by reading the factsheet.