A picture of Christian and his Gig Buddy.

“I have gained a life-long friend.”

My name is Christian. I’m a young man who has mild autism and learning disabilities, and I have often felt socially isolated and wanted to get out more and meet new people. Three and a half years ago I became a Gig Buddy and got matched up with my volunteer, Jo.

It was a bit like a blind date. We were matched as people who lived close together and shared a passion for music. I rarely socialised with people outside my family before I found Gig Buddies. Gig Buddies has allowed me and Jo to experience so many great things. I introduced Jo to the beautiful voice of Gregory Porter and got to share my love of Kylie with her, too. So we both get a lot out of being Gig Buddies.

Gig Buddies has made me a stronger and more confident person. Before meeting Jo, I couldn’t be around so many people, but she is always encouraging me to get out there. I’ve even got to know Jo’s friends, and I’m comfortable talking to them without her there. I have got the best Gig Buddy out of it – friends for life!

Read more about how Gig Buddies is teaming up persons with learning disabilities or autism for leisure activities by reading the factsheet.