Two people using the application.

“I have the full Broadway experience!”

My name is Ilan Pearlman and I am 35 years old. I am a software engineer at a small start-up in Tel Aviv. I am also a big fan of music, musicals, and any and all live shows or theatres. I am also deaf.

My parents discovered I was deaf when I was four, but today I can partially hear with the assistance of hearing aids. Most people would find it surprising how much I enjoy music, being that I am hard of hearing. My love of music has also made me a fan of live concerts – while at a concert there is no need for me to wear headphones or struggle since I am always able to hear and enjoy.

My love of musical theatre stems from my mother. I’ve always enjoyed watching everyone on stage with all the costumes, music, and dancing. It is mesmerizing! However, I was very limited in this hobby because I always had to wait to see captioned performances or had to buy specific seats in order to be near where the captions appeared.

I learned about the GalaPro app at one of the main theatres in Tel Aviv one evening. I had planned to attend a captioned performance with a friend, but with GalaPro I was able to sit in any seat and follow along with my phone – it really changed and improved my entire experience.

My current job brings me to New York City quite often, and every time I visit I make sure to get myself to Broadway!

Read more about how GalaPro is providing synchronized accessibility and translation services for live theatre shows and movies by reading the factsheet.