Innovative Policies 2014 on Accessibility

Introduction to Innovative Policies 2014

Policies can be excellent tools for promoting social change. Innovative Policies 2014 concern all government levels, from the local level, to the regional, up to the national level, and they regard all aspects of Article 9 of the CRPD: Physical environment, transportation, information and communication as well as facilities and services.

Nominated policiesThe Zero Project received in total 68 policy nominations from 34 countries.
Shortlisted policies25 Innovative Policies have been shortlisted by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Zero Project.
Selected policies15 Innovative Policies have been selected by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Zero Project.
Categories• Laws: India, Norway, and Qatar
• Action plans: Australia, Cape Town/South Africa, Colombia, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, and London/UK
• Programmes: Hong Kong/China, Japan, and Spain
• Standards: Berlin/Germany, Ireland, Solo/Indonesia, and Uganda.

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