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“Now I am managing my own automobile repair agency.”

My name is Shashika Chathuranga. I am 33 and married. I was very keen on becoming an automobile mechanic and had an opportunity to engage with a well reputed automobile repair agency in Buttala. One day, however, I got a headache and fell down, and it turned out that I was partly paralyzed for a while. After having received therapy, however, I am now capable of walking and of working with my right hand. However, this situation resulted in my unemployment, which was a very hard experience since I had a family to take care of.

Even though I could still use my skills in automobile repairing, agencies were reluctant to hire me because of my disability. I decided, therefore, to open my own repair agency at home – with the great assistance of my wife. The one problem was that I needed funds to buy tools, and that is where the Disability Inclusive Programme of the Uva Provincial Council came to my assistance. Now I am managing my own agency, and I am planning to extend my services further to the Okkampitiya city area as well.

When I became paralyzed, I thought it was all over for me and nothing was possible. Now I want to emphasize that nothing is impossible!

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