A picture of Edit Greni.

“It does me so much good to join in and be able to move to music.”

My name is Edit Greni and I am 85 years old. I have been a widow for 20 years and retired for 18 years. It is good to have a community centre where others who live in similar situations can meet. I like going there, and I visit the centre several times a week.

During the past year I have been participating in a project offering dance activities, where we also learn about ballet productions taking place in the city. It does me so much good to join in and be able to move to music. When we dance we engage with our whole body, regardless of our physical capability. But we are also interacting with each other communally. It is as if we become one when we hold hands.

My desire is to dare to do even more. It is important, therefore, that I continue to stay active. When we are old it can seem like it is predetermined that we should just sit there, but I am still playful and want to continue to draw upon what is inside me.

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