An picture of Kevin using the escalator on the tube station.

“I felt empowered with the accuracy of the directions in the Underground.”

My name is Kevin. Currently, blind and partially sighted commuters like me have to rely on station staff to assist them onto their train. They also have to be met at their destination by someone. Wayfindr was born out of a dream for the visually impaired to be able to travel completely independently on the London Underground.

Using Wayfindr is an awesome experience! Thanks to the audio instructions provided using the system’s Open Standard, I know exactly where I am and where to go at all times. At Pimlico Station, for example, I turn right, walk ten paces, and just as I step onto the platform Wayfindr confirms my arrival. All I have to do now is wait for the next train, confident in the knowledge I am on the right platform.

Before testing Wayfindr I’d never been to Pimlico, so the fact that I can do this guided only by a mobile app is a really big deal. It could save me an immense amount of time and make my journey much less stressful, given that I or any other visually impaired commuter does not have to worry if there is a staff person available to assist us, a particular problem at night.

Using Wayfindr, I am empowered by the accuracy of the directions provided, and I really feel like any other commuter walking on my own to catch a train.

Read more about how Wayfindr makes audio navigation systems accessible for persons with visual impairments by reading the factsheet.