“Nothing about us without us“ (Latin: “Nihil de nobis, sine nobis”) is a slogan used to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct participation of members the group(s) affected by that policy. This involves national, ethnic, disability-based, or other groups that are often thought to be marginalized from political, social, and economic opportunities. — Wikipedia


On 5 June 2014, the European Union published its first report on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD). The European Disability Forum (EDF) foregrounds a few missing opportunities around the EU report.

First and foremost, the report fails to include organisations of persons with disabilites!


So far NO “Nothing about us without us“!!


In order to cover the gaps of the EU report and present the real situation for 80 million Europeans with disabilities, EDF is in the process of preparing its alternative report with the involvement of other civil society organisations.

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