2. Zero Project Conference Participants

This year’s Zero Project Conference took place on 18 – 19 February 2013 at Palais Niederösterreich in Vienna, Austria and focused on “Disability & Employment”. Parliamentarians, foundations, NGOs, academics, activists and others from 36 different countries came together to discuss innovative policy and practice examples. One of the main problems to be identified was the lack of data.  For example, there are few numbers on apprenticeships and employment for persons with disabilities available, which makes it even harder to work towards real improvements.

The organizers were pleased to invite experts to present eleven innovative policies and 20 innovative practice examples.  All these represent big steps forward in furthering the equality for persons with disabilities in their right to decent work.

Final Plenary Session

These policy and practice examples were presented and discussed in several workshops, giving conference delegates the opportunity to learn more about them – and, perhaps, to push forward in the same direction in the context of their own work. These discussions were thought to be very fruitful, as delegates not only learned from each other, but are also, now, in the position to take the messages they had learned back home.

To sum up, the second Zero Project Conference was a big success and enabled participants to share ideas, learn about innovative policies and practices and, equally as important, connect to each other.


Find pictures, presentations etc via the links provided below:

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