#ZeroCon22 Agenda Update: from star gazing to driving a Formular 1 car


With a little more than a month until the Zero Project Conference (Februrary 23-25, 2022), the Zero Project is delighted to provide you with this update on the conference agenda.

Zero Project Logo and text reading "#ZeroCon22 Agenda Update"

The Zero Project Conference 2022 (ZeroCon22) will revolve around 76 innovative solutions from 35 countries that have been selected for their proven impact to create and improve Accessibility for all.

The ZeroCon22 sessions will also see contributions from world leaders and speakers from renowned organizations.
Take the time to enjoy the full spectrum of #ZeroCon22:

  • From gazing at the stars and understanding how accessible astronomy can look like;
  • to driving a Formula 1 car with your thoughts;
  • and underlining how the future is female;
  • the Zero Project Conference 2022 has it all.

Download the full #ZeroCon22 Agenda (PDF)!

Please note that the Agenda will be continually updated as we confirm and present our speakers, so please bookmark the Conference Website for ease of access, or follow our Social Media Accounts to receive the latest news.

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