This was #ZeroCon22 on Accessibility!


The Zero Project is delighted to share some facts & figures about the Zero Project Conference 2022 on Accessibility!

The Zero Project Conference 2022 on Accessibility was hosted at the United Nations Office at Vienna from February 23-25, 2022, and livestreamed via YouTube.

At the UN and Online

380 participants joined us on-site at the United Nations Office at Vienna, and the Zero Project is immensely grateful for everyone who took it upon them to travel despite all COVID-related challenges. For many, it was the first in-person get-together with the #community since the pandemic started.

Those who couldn't join in-person were able to tune into the 114 sessions live online. The #ZeroCon22 sessions touched upon a large variety of topics, and brought together more than 200 speakers from over 50 countries.

We're happy to share that the livestreams had more than 10,600 views during the three conference days, and many have been watching sessions on demand on YouTube since.

Did you miss a session? Watch it on demand on YouTube!

What's next?

ZeroCon22 is ultimately about the impact that it creates, and while the conference is now officially over, the work continues: the Zero Project is hopeful that the Zero Project Awardees and participant organizations created powerful connections to scale and replicate their innovations for a world with #ZeroBarriers.

Here are some examples of ZeroCon22 related activities:

During the conference days, the Zero Project invited the community to join a wheelmapping challenge with 120 places in #Austria, #Germany, #Ireland, #Cambodia, and #Poland were added during the three conference days, providing important #accessibility information to wheelchair users.

The Zero Project Impact-Transfer accelerator programme will continue to work with 10 select Zero Project Awardees to scale or replicate their solutions, in cooperation with Ashoka Austria:

The Disvover Vienna initiative that was launched during the conference week will see continued efforts to make tourism more accessible in cooperation with the Vienna Business Agency.

The Zero Project Database on allows everyone to search for all scalable solutions that have received a Zero Project Award.

For a detailed report on this year's Zero Project Awardees, download the Zero Project Report 2022 on Accessibility!

The Zero Project Team is looking forward to #ZeroCon23 on the theme of Independent Living and Political Participation next year!