A screenshot of the Yoocan Website and app showing 4 main options: 1 Add a story or tips, 2 explore personal stories, 3 Search for information, and, 4 shop for relevant products

The #1 global collaborative community, for and by people with disabilities, is now offering access to its new initiative: a club of interested investors focusing on search and offering early seed investment to scalable for-profit early seed assistive technologies in the smart cities, smart home, mobility, lifestyle and mapping services with disruptive technologies for people with disabilities.

Yoocan is a leading collaboration community platform, launched in July 2016, available on desktop and mobile with members from more than 100 countries. We believe that shared experiences and knowledge for and by people with disabilities from around the world can inspire and change their lives, so no one feels alone.

Thousands of yoocan community members are making daily connections, finding new friendships and relevant solutions- join our online community today & watch our video here.

Please check out www.yoocanfind.com. On yoocan a user, organization, innovator or vendor can do the following:

1. Share your story, personal tips or product recommendations
2. Explore global personal experiences and read practical tips
3. Search for relevant information (ie: names of storytellers, organizations, products, services, disability, activities, etc.)
4. Shop for relevant products and/or find important information
5. Chat with caring people in a safe community or connect with the yoocan help team

For more information, questions or to join our investors club, contact Moshe Gaon, CEO and Co-Founder of yoocan at moshe@yoocantech.com.

For questions on uploading content and marketing collaboration, contact: Jessica Levin, Content Director at jessica@yoocantech.com