You are interested to know how leading corporations leverage multiple abilities in their workforce? How they improve their bottom line by employing persons with disabilities and tap into hidden human capital?

Debra Ruh‘s most recent book – published by Zero Project partner G3ict – The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs – answers exactly those key questions. 

Debra is convinced that “the real disability is being unable to see human potential”. She is a Global Disability Inclusion Strategist and serves as the EmployAbility Program Chair for G3ict, the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs. She is a seasoned entrepreneur having founded three firms including Ruh Global Communications, TecAccess and Strategic Performance Solutions. At TecAccess, more than two third of her employees were persons with disabilities, serving as a best practice for many employers. Her client-centric focus and ability to promote successful disability employment programs has created relationships with many multi-national firms including Accenture, AT&T, ATOS, Avanade, Best Buy, Bloomberg, Canon and many others including United Nations agencies, international governments, federal, state and local agencies.

Her book shows how leading corporations successfully hire persons with disabilities to drive better business results. It guides global corporations as well as beginning entrepreneurs on how to integrate persons with disabilities in every aspect of the workforce. It takes the reader through each step, from recruiting and interviewing them to employing and retaining them as vital employees of companies. The book offers insights and strategies on how to accommodate employees with disabilities, reap from their skills and talents, and transform challenges into successes. Additionally, Debra includes personal accounts from global leaders about how persons with disabilities have enriched their businesses, increased productivity, and lowered turnover rates.

Axel Leblois, President and Executive Director at G3ict, says: “This is an outstanding compendium of practical solutions for all employers… From large organizations with a global footprint to entrepreneurs with a few employees, attracting and retaining the right talent is the most critical success factor for their business.”

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