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  • Shape the future development of ICT-innovations for persons with disabilities.

  • Gain access to the best early-stage innovations and innovators, so that you can drive the market of tomorrow.

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“The Zero Project Technology Forum is an innovative laboratory and an important source of inspiration for companies, organizations and politics to get early access to the latest innovations for persons with disabilities. As a pioneer in accessibility and services for people with disabilities in all of Europe, it is very important for us to be a partner of the Zero Project Technology Forum in order to remain as an innovation leader at the forefront of technological developments."Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria


Innovation and inclusion are key parts of competitiveness in the modern global market. The Zero Project identifies and researches innovative solutions that benefit persons with disabilities. We focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as it ensures a high speed of implementation and instant value in supporting persons with disabilities.

To further strengthen this ambition and connect these solutions with scalability opportunities, the Zero Project initiated the Zero Project Technology Forum on February 24, 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

The Technology Forum is an exclusive, global event focusing on elevating the most promising ICT solutions from all around the world, which have proof of concept and the highest potential to scale, in order to create impact for large numbers of persons with disabilities.

Connecting stakeholders on the highest level

(1)    ICT innovators from around the globe

(2)    High-level participants, including:


  • Multinational companies like UniCredit, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, AT&T, McDonalds, Atos, and others

  • International organizations like the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, the European Commission, and others

  • Philanthropic investors like Seneca Trust, Fundacion ONCE, and others 



A Success Story: ICT innovation scaled across continents

The Zero Project Technology Forum serves to elevate proven-concept projects from around the world to connect people, projects, and organizations for the biggest impact. 

Namma Vanni, EnAble India’s mobile phone-based information sharing service, connects users from the disability community who can listen and respond to recorded voice messages on topics such as education, employment, social opportunities, and more. This project was a Zero Project Awardee 2018, presenting their innovative solution to the Zero Project Network global audience.

Through connections fostered at the Zero Project Conference, EnAble India is now replicating this service in Ethiopia, together with the Ethiopian Centre for Disability and Development (ECDD) and Ethio Telecom, Ethiopia’s main telecommunications corporation. ECDD's project Minch is a Zero Project Awardee 2022. 

Photos from Zero Project Technology Forum 2023

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“Microsoft is committed to Accessibility as a fundamental right, a commitment also shared by each participant at the Zero Conference. We’re also in a time of exciting new technological advancements. We’ll continue to keep accessibility and access top of mind as we seek to empower every person on the planet.”Rylin Rodgers, Disability Policy Advisor, Microsoft


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The Zero Project Technology Forum is hosted by the Zero Project in cooperation with UniCredit Austria

Co-organized by David Banes and Wilfried Kainz