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“Civil society is at the core of human rights, at the core of our work,” said H.E. Joachim Rücker, President of the United Nations Human Rights Council, 2015.

This year civil society organisations and the United Nations celebrated 70 years of working together. During an event in Geneva on 22 June 2015, a panel composed of UN, States and NGOs representatives discussed past results and way forward.

Following the acceptance speech of the President of the Human Rights Council, all agreed that, while many treaties have been passed, their implementation has been often limited. The United Nations system has both structural and political limitations, and a way to address its lack of effectiveness could be by strengthening the monitoring role of civil society. If changes can’t come from the top due to conflictual political interests and historical struggles, they can come from the peoples, due to a sense of connection with the other and shared human thirst for dignity and liberty.

Based on this reasoning and on the will to transform words into actions, the Zero Project team asks you every year to help with mapping the implementation of the UN CRPD, indicator by indicator.

By answering our questionnaire, you will contribute to:
– Inform stakeholders on what can be learned from neighbouring countries, and immediately presenting them a database of working practical and political solutions;
– Provide strong facts and data for both international and national advocacy campaigns;
– Strengthen the UN system: Even with flaws, over the years a sort of international constitutional law based on human rights has been constructed, including on the rights of persons with disabilities.