Keywords: Egypt, IT platform, job matching


Majidah is a digital platform to connect, communicate and match talent to enhance the training and employment services for people with disabilities and enable them to connect with resources, opportunities, training, rehabilitation and employment. In parallel it facilitates access of business and training providers to a relevant pool of disabled young adults relevant for their job vacancies or to utilize their training programs respectively. In addition, Majidah is developing an online learning module to provide online learning and training for employment to disabled young adults and for organizations on disability and disabled integration and development. The back end works via an intelligent engine which, together with the database, is able to mix and match opportunities for relevant disabilities and candidates and any skills deficiencies that may exist with relevant training providers to fill the gaps.

About the practice at a glance
Name of OrganisationEbtessama Foundation
Type of organisationFoundation
of Implementation
Year started2018
Funding modelFully supported by donor funding and partially funded by Ebtessama Foundation. Vodafone Foundation is the project donor. They support us with the project budget (Year 1: – 2759927; Year 2: – 3691194)-


Impact and growth

Majidah connects all players in the disability training and employment ecosystem, so they can better collaborate together and provide better services to people with disabilities. The platform gives active employers access to a pool of profiles and matches of candidates with disabilities. Additionally, Majidah provides training providers and NGOs access to a large pool of motivated young adults with disabilities to join their programs. 

During the first year, the platform had:  

  • 15,000 persons with disabilities 
  • 200 employers  
  • 500 job vacancies 
  • 120 training providers 
  • and 470 training opportunities in total 

In the long run, the aim is to increase these numbers subsequently with onsite activities, digital marketing, events and media coverage. 


It is the first digital network connecting and enabling communication between young adults with disabilities and all stakeholders in the training and employment ecosystem but also providing access to online training material to integrate them fully into the open labour market. 

Target group

The platform is designed to support people with disabilities seeking training and work, employers seeking employment with persons with disabilities 


We asked projects to outline their impact model (also called Theory of Change) – their main target groups, the key activities they offer these target groups, and what impact they want to achieve:

Target GroupActivityImpactIndicators
PWDs 18-35 yearEmploymentRegistering and employment of large number of PWDsNumber of PWDs on the platform
EmployerRound tablesChange their minds about employing PWDsNumber of job vacancies
Training providersTraining of trainersLearning how to train and have an accessible place for PWDsNumber of training opportunities


Replication is a new topic for us, but it is the right time to start working on it. We can easily replicate the practice using the same technology. We have parts of our model and have documented it with the steps and figures needed to replicate, while other parts still need to be standardised as we work on replication. We already cover the main governorates in Egypt and would like to scale to new geographies.



The team has 23 Employees working in two main teams, one focused on sales and the other on customer support. We have a project manager for this program, with the necessary skills and seniority 


In 3 Years: 

  • Hiring thousands of people with disabilities through the platform 
  • Provide appropriate employment opportunities for all employers through the platform 
  • Provide all necessary training for people with disabilities through the platform 
  • Become a training/learning hub for people with disabilities and for HR professionals. 

In 5 Years: 

  • Become an active market network for all training and employment activities around disabilities as well as the largest database for the ecosystem in the region. 


As a technology platform, Majidah is designed for cross border expansion which is also one of our objectives and part of the project vision. Thus, we are applying to join the Zero Project Impact Transfer program to replicate our project to address the regional and then a worldwide market becoming an international market network for training and employment helping people with disability to have a decent life. 

We are also motivated to apply as tech projects/platforms gain more value by going crossborder/global, making the platform and services better. We hope to benefit from past experiences in each region, best practices, success stories and synergies that create more value for all stakeholders across borders.  Finally, we assign also great value by joining the Zero Project Impact Transfer and the Zero Project which multiplies the network effect and value created by such market networks as well as gives us access to international training and mentorship. 

Going regional then global is one of our key objectives and vision for this innovative solution and we lack some of the needs to do that, which the Zero Project Impact Transfer program could support us on. 

What is the organisation hoping to learn from taking part in the programme? 
  • How to take our project from a national to regional and global scale 
  • Reaching the people and organizations across borders to take the project to other countries 
  • Securing funding to expand cross borders 
  • Connecting with relevant expert to develop the needed knowhow for building the model/project in different countries