VerbaVoice provides a unique solution to the barriers deaf and hard of hearing people currently face in their daily life – especially in education and on the labour market.

Via an online platform, any deaf or hard of hearing person can book and connect to a speech-to-text reporter (STTR) whenever necessary: the voice of the speaker is transmitted to a laptop or mobile phone, transcribed in real time by the STTR, who is working from home, and displayed on the screen of the laptop or phone of the deaf or hard of hearing user.

The STTR “re-voices” the content word for word so that speech recognition software – trained specifically to decipher his or her voice – can convert the spoken content into text. As the text is being produced, it is corrected by the STTR before being transmitted to the client’s laptop or mobile phone with a minimal time lag. This is only possible because VerbaVoice is putting a strong focus on technology development and has combined existing and in-house software solutions (patent pending) to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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