Life Story of Dumitrita, Moldova

“The 5 years I spent in an institution for children with disabilities in Moldova felt like an eternity. My name is Dumitria, I am a 14-year-old girl with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Support services didn’t exist where I lived and the mainstream school would not accept me. My family could not afford the education and care I needed so I was placed in an institution for children with disabilities.

This place was far from home which made family visits very difficult. In the institution I missed very much the love and care of my parents and sister. Being reunited with my family – thanks to Lumos’ support – was a dream come true.  For 2 years, I’ve been studying at the mainstream school close to my home. I feel part of the community. I am very happy living with my family who love and support me. I like my new school, I am doing well here and my friends and teachers understand me.

I am an advocate for inclusive education in our school’s participation group and speak out whenever I can. My dream is that all children with disabilities in Moldova can live with their families. I want to help other children to return home and give them confidence and hope for a better future.”


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