The Zero Project is focused on one goal — A World with zero barriers!

We believe the best way to get there is by working together. We connect like-minded people, help them sharing ideas and collect innovative projects and policies for more accessibility worldwide!


Our most visible tools to connect people and help them sharing ideas are:

    Every findings, every innovative policy and practice and all indicators are accessible and available for FREE!
  • Zero Project Conference
    #ZeroCon14 was the third conference and a huge success!

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This years Zero Project Conference was beyond awesome!

We had the biggest venue ever!  

We had more than 400 participants from 60 countries!

And we had the first Conference Video ever!!


The Life Cycle Video from the Zero Project Conference 2014 is a great success. So fare more than 400 people have seen the video about the importance of accessibility all life long! Unfortunately not everyone speaks English. In other words, the video is not accessible to people in China, Japan, Russia, Poland, Turkey and many more countries around the world! We managed to get a French and a Spanish translation of the video so fare. Thanks to one of our team members, Silvia!

In order to make the video accessible to as many people as possible, we are looking for collaboration!
If you can translate the video into your language and send us an email with the translation, that would be awesome!


A list of translations we already have (this list will be updated):

  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. English
  4. German
  5. Italien
  6. Mandarin
  7. Norwegain
  8. Turkish


All we need is the translation for the following sentences: 

– Accessibility is an issue that affects our daily life 24/7

– When we are getting up

– When we are taking public transports

– When we are having lunch

– When we are withdrawing money and going to the supermarket

– When we are watching TV

– Accessibility is important all lifelong

– When we are babies

– When we are going to school

– When we are going to work and travelling

– When we are getting married

– When we are getting old

– Accessibility is a worldwide issue, we all have to find the best solutions, we have to work all together


You can write it directly into the email or you use your favorite text program and send the file to us. Make sure you make a break after every sentence!

Just sent the translation to

Thanks and enjoy the video!!